Say Cheese!

E-shoots may not be as easy as the pictures make them seem. There is a lot of background work that goes into putting together the perfect e-shoot from both the photographer and the bride and groom. There are some key elements to keep in mind when putting together your e-shoot. Here are some pointers to help you prep.

What Represents You: An engagement shoot is a great opportunity to capture the love between two people. A great place to start brainstorming is to think about how you met, and where you met. Then think about your likes, dislikes, common interests and ideas that really represent you as a couple.

The “Feel”:  Think about the overall feel you want to portray in the shoot. Maybe you want it to be cute, comfy, stylish, sexy, sweet, sporty, whimsical or a combination of a few. Pick something that makes you feel your best. Just remember that you should be having fun on the day of the shoot. At the end of the day, the pictures should convey your personalities as individuals and as a couple with a glimpse of an eye.

Location: Inside, outside, or destination? Maybe even multiple locations and seasons. The location plays an essential role when planning your shoot. It sets the ambiance for all of your pictures. Start by creating a list of locations that interest you. Then narrow it down to what fits your “feel”. Lastly, consider the time of year and any weather concerns that may affect your shoot on the day of. Remember to always have a backup plan.

What to Wear: Always wear something you are comfortable in. You never know what kind of stunts you may need to pull to achieve creative shots. Your outfit should also represent who you are and should coordinate with the overall “feel” of the shoot.

Get Creative: Have a little fun by using accessories and props at your e-shoot. Think creatively as to what props and accessories would fit accordingly with all the other elements of your shoot. Think outside of the box, and be distinctive.

Smile away!


Stay dashing!

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Dashing Tip #5

Plan B

Bad weather can happen anytime of the year. Depending on the season of your wedding, you can determine what kind of weather conditions are a possibility. We advise to always have a back-up plan or plan B, especially for outdoor weddings. There is nothing worse than scrambling to have everything arranged last minute. Think it through and list all the reasons you could be outside, such as photography. Consider carrying appealing umbrellas just in case the sun doesn’t want to shine.

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Dashing Tip #3

With or Without?

Every couple has different priorities when it comes to planning their wedding. Establish two lists with your partner: the first is a list of items that are considered “non-negotiables.” These are aspects of your wedding that you cannot do without, and you absolutely must have.

The second list is “negotiable” items. These are items that would be a plus to have, but you could do without them if needed. Having these two lists will help put your budget into perspective and will comfort you when making financial decisions.


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Dashing Tip #1

Your vendors are a great referral system!

Take it from your vendors to know who will provide you with quality service and products. Your photographer knows which cinematographer takes great footage, and your decorator may know the best florist. Using vendors that your vendors suggest will help you build a fantastic team of individuals for a well-executed event!

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