Wedding Planning

Dashing Tip #4

Awkward Introductions

Everyone has these, but what’s important is how to prepare for them. Our tip is that you familiarize yourself with each other’s guest list, especially those guests you are bound to meet at some point during the wedding. Give each other a short briefing so that when you meet this person, you don’t draw a blank. What could’ve been an “awkward introduction” is now a “comfortable conversation.”


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Dashing Tip #3

With or Without?

Every couple has different priorities when it comes to planning their wedding. Establish two lists with your partner: the first is a list of items that are considered “non-negotiables.” These are aspects of your wedding that you cannot do without, and you absolutely must have.

The second list is “negotiable” items. These are items that would be a plus to have, but you could do without them if needed. Having these two lists will help put your budget into perspective and will comfort you when making financial decisions.


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