Bridal Party Duties & Responsibilities

Did the bride and groom pop the question to you? Did you say YES!? If so, you’re officially a part of the bridal party! As much as being a part of the bridal party is exciting, there are certain duties and responsibilities to the role to keep in mind. I’m sure you want to be the best bridal party ever so let’s get started.

1. You may be asked to run errands, assist in crafts and projects and/or assist in making final decisions relating to the wedding. The bride and groom are depending on you to lend a helping hand wherever you can.

2. You’ll likely be asked to wear certain attire for the big day. Whether it is a dress, lengha, tuxedo or sherwani, wearing matching attire symbolizes your importance in the couples’ special day. Be accepting of their desired attire and show your understanding.

3. From the beginning of the planning to after the big day, the couple will be going through a ton of emotion. As the bridal party, it is your duty to be their support system through the disagreements and encourage cooperation. Remind them of their love when things become overwhelming.

4. The day of the wedding will be quite stressful for the couple. The bridal party will assist in getting the bride and groom ready on the morning of the wedding day. Make them feel comfortable and at ease, and get them excited for the hours ahead!

5. The bridal party will most likely be a part of formal photos. On the wedding day, stay alert and near the bride and groom for when your name is called for photos. Always be ready to smile!

Don’t be afraid! Being a part of a bridal party is one of the most exciting memories you’ll have. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming so believe me when I say the bride and groom are so appreciative of your support! Now, it’s time for you to be the best bridal party ever!

Stay dashing!


Dashing Dulhan – How I Came Up With The Name

Coming up with a name for your business is not an easy task. I remember when I first decided that I wanted to plan weddings and open my own business, my sister asked me, “What are you going to name your company?” My response, “Honestly, I haven’t thought about it.” I had done all my research on the industry, taken the WPIC wedding planning course, figured out the logistics of running a business, and started creating all the necessary documents, but I still had not thought about a name.

I was always taught that your business name has to reflect your brand, your work ethic, and the type of cliental you want to attract. Many weeks after I officially determined I am launching my own wedding planning company, I picked up a pen and paper and started writing. I must’ve wrote down at least 50 business names but not a single one stuck with me. I sent all 50 to my sisters’ and asked them to pick the ones they liked the most. When they sent their choices back, I still wasn’t happy with any of them. I decided I needed some time. Although I was eager to launch my company, I wasn’t ready to comprise on the name and brand. I also didn’t want to regret the name I chose.

I wanted the name to be unique, exciting and attractive. I knew I wanted to incorporate a word that resonates with the South Asian culture since I wanted to specialize in planning South Asian weddings. That’s when it dawned upon me. One of the most exciting parts of a wedding is being a bride. In Hindi, “Dulhan” means bride. I was fixated – it was perfect. I wanted my brides to feel the excitement of being a Dulhan. I started putting a bunch of words together with the word “Dulhan” in it. I kept asking myself, “How do I want my couples to feel.” After another 20 names or so, I still couldn’t connect with any of them – it just didn’t feel right.

Almost a month had passed and still no name. I was getting close though, I could feel it. That weekend, I went out with a few friends and I remember complimenting my friend, “Wow, you look dashing!” I literally think I froze. This was it! I used the word dashing so often to replace beautiful or gorgeous, how could I not think of this! I put the words “Dashing Dulhan” together and said it out loud a couple hundred times to make sure it felt right. It couldn’t have been a better fit. I was so thrilled to have found a name that I was beyond happy with. It’s funny how things have a way of coming to you. Thinking back to the day when I began creating my logo with the name “Dashing Dulhan,” I knew I was about to embark into a exciting new journey.

Every since then, I have made a promise to myself and my couples that all my efforts would go into making each wedding a dashing one. Not just in its look but also in its feels.

In my next blog, I will discuss what Dashing Dulhan truly means to me!

Stay dashing!


The Importance of Hiring a Day-of Coordinator

We overhear on a frequent occasion from couples “Do we really need a day-of coordinator” or “I’m sure we can handle it ourselves.” But the real question is, do you really want to take on the stress of “handling it” on a day where you should be completely relaxed and enjoying the moment?

In a previous post I share the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator. In a nutshell, a Wedding Coordinator usually begins their services a few weeks to a month prior to the wedding date and manages the entire day. Managing the day includes coordinating logistics, enforcing timelines, ensuring plans are running smoothly and overseeing the set up of ceremony and reception venues. The best part of a Day-of Coordinator is having the peace of mind that a professional is managing the details of your wedding and ensuring that your vision comes to life, while you can openly laugh, smile and live in the moment.

You’ll spend months planning your wedding from the small details of how the décor will look, to choosing the right invitations, discussing lighting options, and designing the vinyl for your dance floor. We know you’ll put in countless hours of planning and will have many sleepless nights. Wedding planning is no easy task and we know that. Now imagine having to worry about all these details while you’re getting married – it just doesn’t sound fun!

A Day-of Coordinator worries for you. As industry professionals, Wedding Coordinators are there to smoothly execute your special day. We take the stress right off your shoulders by taking care of things you or your family would be managing. Your family and friends deserve to enjoy your wedding just as much as you do. By hiring a Day-of Coordinator, you not only take the stress off yourself but also off your family.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the most dashing day of your life by hiring a Day-of Coordinator!

Stay dashing!


Saving Your Budget

You’re engaged! You feel excited and pumped to start planning your wedding. You finally sit down with your notebook and pen and start with the basics – budgeting. The first step to wedding planning is determining your budget, which requires crunching some numbers. Sounds exciting, right? You look at your numbers and begin to feel nervous. It is probably one of the hardest things you’ll have to do during the planning process, so let us help you with some tips on saving your budget. 

Date and Time

Here’s a great way to save some money on your wedding. Consider having your wedding off-season. Summer weekends are higher in cost than winter weekends. Winter weddings can be just as beautiful as a summer wedding, for half the price. Vendors are also more available during the winter months, so you’ll be sure to get your first pick!  Today, most South Asian weddings are two-day events. Since the venue will make up 50% of your budget, consider having the ceremony on a Saturday and the reception on Sunday, or even having the ceremony on a Thursday and reception on a Friday. Try to escape from long weekends as they are the most costly! Another option to save your budget is the timing of your event. An evening reception will be higher in cost than a lunch reception. Determine the best possible options to help save your budget before picking the date and time.

Style/Theme of Wedding

The style of wedding will greatly determine your overall budget. If you’re planning to have a formal affair, with a 5 course-meal, it’ll be more expensive than an intimate wedding on your Uncle’s farm. A simple wedding vs. a luxury wedding will significantly impact your budget. The theme of the wedding can also greatly determine how much of your budget will be spent on executing the theme. A black tie affair will be more costly to execute than a rustic-themed wedding. Consider having some elements of your wedding as a “DIY” project. Nowadays, Pinterest has a whole realm of ideas to make your wedding a special one without having to spend the extra dollar! 

What’s Important

Most couples won’t actually create a breakdown of their budget but rather they’ll discuss how much they want to spend overall on their wedding. When you begin crunching your numbers to see what is a suitable budget for you, you’ll want to discuss what’s important to each partner. Determining what is most important to one another will help determine which elements of the wedding you are willing to spend more on. Your partner may want the best photographer, whereas you may want to splurge on decor. Mapping out what’s important will help you cage which vendors are the perfect fit for your needs!

Guest List

We know you want to share your special day with all your family and friends, but this can hinder your pockets. The longer your guest list, the higher your overall budget will be. Food and liquor are typically one of the biggest expenses for the wedding, and therefore size matters. Decreasing your guest list will allow you to spend more on other details of your wedding such as decor, cake, entertainment, rentals etc. Small or big wedding, your special day will remain special! 

As a wedding planner, we are always crunching numbers and keep our dashing couples on track. Find out how we can help you budget your wedding accordingly!

Stay dashing!


The Professional Wedding MC

You’re a few months away from the reception day. You begin thinking about who will be the Master of Ceremonies (MC) at your reception. Will it be Uncle Ron or cousin Harvinder? Uncle Ron gets a bit too rowdy and cousin Harvinder is a bit too shy. They both really want to be your MC. 

So, who do you pick? Well, you don’t have to pick! One of today’s blooming trends is to hire a Professional MC. These individuals carry the skill set and confidence to speak in front of large crowds and engage the audience. With a Professional MC, you won’t have to worry about embarrassing stories (that you weren’t aware were going to be told), or the awkward not-so-funny jokes.

Here are top three reasons why hiring a Professional MC can lead you to a successful and enjoyable reception. 

1. Vocals

A strong, confident voice is required in order to grab your guest’s attention. A Professional MC is able to capture your guest’s attention without having to get too loud or too aggressive. They know exactly how to settle down your guests and get the night started. They can create the right ‘build-up’ to introduce the bride and groom or gather your guests for a group picture without a hitch. 

2. Engage

Maintaining your guest’s attention is extremely important. A Professional MC knows how to engage your audience. Those small breaks between the cake cutting and the next speech are the perfect time to have some fun! Professional MC’s have a ton of audience interaction games to really get your guests excited and involved. Professional MC’s are natural entertainers. 

3. Adapting

Now and then, things might get switched around. Professional MC’s know how to adapt to changing schedules and events. They are able to think on their feet to create fillers. They keep the transition smooth and quick so the audience won’t notice there was a change. Planned or unplanned, the MC will add excitement to your reception, making it better than ever. 

The greatest thing about a Professional MC is that they are a professional. They have perfected their art to get the job done right. As our dear friend MC Donovan Fernandes explained, “The MC should always be on his/her feet, and is constantly watching the faces of the bride and groom and the rest of the crowd.” Keeping it authentic and fun, a Professional MC can definitely make your reception a memorable one!

Stay dashing!

Setting the Bar

Set the bar by setting the bar! I’m not talking about an open bar or cash bar. I’m talking about the delicious stuff that makes you want more. I’m talking about food bars!  Food bars are one of the fastest growing trends. Not only does it taste delicious, but it also adds a special touch to your next event that will have your guests talking about it for days. What are our favorite bars? Have a read below!  

1. Sundae Bar – Who doesn’t love ice cream? Incorporate a build-your-own sundae bar at your wedding. Perhaps during cocktail hour on a hot summer day to cool of your guests before the reception begins, or even as a late night station when your guests are sweating from strutting their moves on the dance floor! Choose three different flavored ice creams and a whole ton of toppings to choose from! Mix it up with healthy toppings such as pineapple, strawberries, toasted coconut flakes, and sweet favorites such as mini reese’s, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. Definitely a crowd pleaser for both adults and children!


2. Donut Bar – It’s Donut Time! This bar can be used as a breakfast display at the ceremony, or is the perfect addition to a bridal shower! Gather your favourite donuts and set them up in a beautifully displayed donut bar. You can stack them or place them in uniquely crafted trays. You can mix it up with timbits and regular sized donuts. Another option is to have plain donuts, with assorted glazes to drizzle on top and toppings for guests to create their own flavour of donut! Always remember to label the different flavours!

Picture: Donut stand wedding favors donut bar cake table by FreestyleMom

3. French Fry Bar – French fries are no longer basic! You can pick from onion rings, sweet potato fries, and regular fries. Add a selection of seasoning such as sea salt, rosemary, and garlic. We all know that we don’t just have to eat fries with ketchup anymore, so display a few different dips to choose from. If you want your guests to get really unique with customizing their fries, you can also add cheeses and toppings such as shredded chicken. The fun element of having a French Fry Bar is that you can get as creative you like with the display. Use jars, trays, different levels of platforms and cones to really give it an edgy feel!

Picture: By Southern Revivals

Off to the bar! Stay dashing!


The Harsh Truth

The harsh truth – you’re not going to please everyone with your wedding choices. Planning a wedding involves many different groups of people; parents, siblings, friends, nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts just to name a few. Not only are there many people involved in the wedding, but there are many decisions to be made such as budget, colors, theme, catering etc. Things can get carried away when you let others heavily influence the decision-making process. Now by no means ignore what your family and friends have to say. It’s important to maintain happy and healthy relationships with these individuals as I’m sure many of them play a major role in your life. Instead, there are ways to manage the feelings and expectations of others, while keeping in mind your overall vision for your wedding.

One way is to always think about the bigger picture. Instead of focusing on individual decisions that will affect certain people, think about the overall feeling you want to have on your big day. Remember that you’re bringing two families together in harmony. Another great way is to divide and delegate tasks. If your sister is very passionate about the color theme, take her to a design consult with you. Making your family and friends a part of the process doesn’t necessarily mean it’s their final decision. It’s a great way to include important individuals in the planning process, while the ultimate decision is still yours.

A wedding is a celebration of two people becoming one. Don’t dwell on the little nits and grits. Have fun throughout the planning process because you’ll miss it when it’s all over!

Stay Dashing!


A Legitimate Contract

Female writing on paper

Let’s start with the basics. No matter what type of service you are booking for your wedding, whether it is a photographer, cinematographer, event stylist, hair and make-up artist or DJ, having a formal contract, in writing is an absolute must. Without a contract you have no guarantee or agreement of the services provided, along with the big question of whether the vendor will hold the date of your wedding. Without a contract, and some sort of initial payment, you can highly assume that the vendor may not provide services on the day of your wedding.

Here are a few key components of a legitimate contract:

1. The Basics

Name of the Bride and Groom
Contact information of the Bride and Groom
Date of service(s)/wedding
Contact information of the vendor
Location of venue(s)- some contracts allow this to be confirmed at a later date
Start and end times – some contracts allow this to be confirmed at a later date
Deposits and final payment amounts
Signature of all involved parties

2. Details

When you create a contract with a vendor, it is essential to clearly indicate the service you are contracting for and the details associated with that service. It could be a few bullet points or complete sentences, but it should confirm in writing the services agreed upon. This will assist in avoiding confusion when confirming details of what is expected a few weeks prior to the wedding. For example, if you are signing a AV/Lighting contract, it should list exactly what type of lighting you are receiving ie. pin-lighting, spot lighting, intelligent lighting etc. Review the contract before signing it to ensure all details are outlined correctly and as per your wishes.

3. Cancellation/Refunds

Every contract should include a clause that outlines the cancellation and refund policy. Make sure to read through the cancellation and refund policy very carefully as some tend to be very complex. Understand the amounts you’ll be refunded and the cut-off dates for cancellations. Sometimes unforeseeable situations occur that can cause the wedding to be cancelled or delayed. It’s crucial to know what the cancellation and refund policy entails.

If a vendor refuses to provide a contract or is missing essential information, ask to have it included. Always think twice if a contract does not include key details.

Protect yourself and your wedding by always signing a contract with each vendor.

Stay dashing!

Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Coordinator

Morning coffee cup, empty paper list, pencil, and bouquet of white flowers eustoma on blue rustic table from above. Woman working desk. Cozy breakfast. Flat lay styling.

If you are recently engaged or have now started planning your wedding, you most likely have considered the idea of hiring a wedding planner/coordinator. Considering to hire someone is the easy part, but one of the biggest distinctions over looked is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator. Although the two sound exactly the same, there is differences in the type of service provided, as well as the fee. Keep on reading to find out what the difference is! 

The Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is your planning guru. They are the most involved and active participant in planning your wedding. A wedding planner focuses on everything from venue scouting, booking your vendors, event style and design, floor plans, seating charts, wedding etiquette, negotiation and the list can go on. The wedding planner is your right-hand-man from the beginning of the planning process until the end of the wedding day. Hiring a wedding planner is ideal if you have limited time to plan your wedding, if you’re not sure where to begin and what needs to be done, are concerned about budgeting or the idea of planning a wedding simply does not sound fun to you (with a ton of other reasons I haven’t mentioned). The fee of a wedding planner can range anywhere between $2,500-$10,000, based on region, level of service, and wedding details.

The Wedding Coordinator

A wedding coordinator is often referred to as the “day-of coordinator” or the “month-of coordinator.” The wedding coordinator jumps into the picture generally one month prior to your wedding to ensure your big day is ready to run smoothly. The wedding coordinator will address all last minute details, confirming logistics and arrival times with your vendors, building your day-of schedule, and of course, overseeing and managing all aspects on the wedding day. If you’ve completed most of your planning and are now looking to be hands-off on the wedding day, hiring a wedding coordinator is just what you need.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the most precious day of your life and let the wedding coordinator take control.  Based upon various factors including wedding details, region, and level of service, a wedding coordinator’s fee can range from $1,000-$5,000.

Now that you know the difference, choosing the right service for your wedding will be a piece of cake. Book your wedding planner or coordinator sooner than later, as dates get booked up very quickly. You don’t want to be the couple who says ” I should’ve hired a planner/coordinator” at the end of your wedding day.

Stay dashing!

Can I sit here?

impressive and beautiful wedding set up

Creating a seating plan for your wedding can be one of the more tedious tasks closer to the big day. There are many different types of seating options to choose from. Below are options that are frequently used at weddings.

Open Seating – Pick any seat!

This seating option works great for small, intimate weddings. Having open seating is a great option if your guests are comfortable with one another and are familiar. It’s great to be seated next to someone whose company you enjoy! However, this seating option may not be the most suitable for a large wedding. Guests find it a hassle to look for a seat themselves, and it becomes difficult to manage which tables have seats left.

Seating Chart

A seating chart is one of the most commonly preferred styles of a seating plan. Easy to use and read, display all the names of your guests by first or last name, along with the table number beside it. For larger groups consider having one chart for the groom and one chart for the bride. You can also personalize and get creative with the design of your seating chart.

Escort Cards

Escort cards are an aesthetically appealing option. An escort card displays the name of the guest, followed by the assigned table number on individual cards. You can have them in small envelopes or two fold tents. Place them in alphabetical order on your receiving table to add character to the entrance. Using escort cards also gives you the advantage to make any last minute changes without a big hassle.

Seating Chart + Place Cards

Make it even easier to seat your guests by using a seating chart and place cards. Place cards are placed on each table setting with the name of the guest to make is easy for guests to know exactly where they are sitting at the table. This is a great way to add some creativity to your guest tables.

Before creating your seating plan, always ensure to have a floor plan from the venue. This can also effect the type of seating option you choose to have. Try to be as accommodating as possible, and make it a memorable experience for your guests. Now, if everyone please take their seats, we are about to begin!

Stay dashing!