Dashing Dulhan – How I Came Up With The Name

Coming up with a name for your business is not an easy task. I remember when I first decided that I wanted to plan weddings and open my own business, my sister asked me, “What are you going to name your company?” My response, “Honestly, I haven’t thought about it.” I had done all my research on the industry, taken the WPIC wedding planning course, figured out the logistics of running a business, and started creating all the necessary documents, but I still had not thought about a name.

I was always taught that your business name has to reflect your brand, your work ethic, and the type of cliental you want to attract. Many weeks after I officially determined I am launching my own wedding planning company, I picked up a pen and paper and started writing. I must’ve wrote down at least 50 business names but not a single one stuck with me. I sent all 50 to my sisters’ and asked them to pick the ones they liked the most. When they sent their choices back, I still wasn’t happy with any of them. I decided I needed some time. Although I was eager to launch my company, I wasn’t ready to comprise on the name and brand. I also didn’t want to regret the name I chose.

I wanted the name to be unique, exciting and attractive. I knew I wanted to incorporate a word that resonates with the South Asian culture since I wanted to specialize in planning South Asian weddings. That’s when it dawned upon me. One of the most exciting parts of a wedding is being a bride. In Hindi, “Dulhan” means bride. I was fixated – it was perfect. I wanted my brides to feel the excitement of being a Dulhan. I started putting a bunch of words together with the word “Dulhan” in it. I kept asking myself, “How do I want my couples to feel.” After another 20 names or so, I still couldn’t connect with any of them – it just didn’t feel right.

Almost a month had passed and still no name. I was getting close though, I could feel it. That weekend, I went out with a few friends and I remember complimenting my friend, “Wow, you look dashing!” I literally think I froze. This was it! I used the word dashing so often to replace beautiful or gorgeous, how could I not think of this! I put the words “Dashing Dulhan” together and said it out loud a couple hundred times to make sure it felt right. It couldn’t have been a better fit. I was so thrilled to have found a name that I was beyond happy with. It’s funny how things have a way of coming to you. Thinking back to the day when I began creating my logo with the name “Dashing Dulhan,” I knew I was about to embark into a exciting new journey.

Every since then, I have made a promise to myself and my couples that all my efforts would go into making each wedding a dashing one. Not just in its look but also in its feels.

In my next blog, I will discuss what Dashing Dulhan truly means to me!

Stay dashing!


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