Bridal Party Duties & Responsibilities

Did the bride and groom pop the question to you? Did you say YES!? If so, you’re officially a part of the bridal party! As much as being a part of the bridal party is exciting, there are certain duties and responsibilities to the role to keep in mind. I’m sure you want to be the best bridal party ever so let’s get started.

1. You may be asked to run errands, assist in crafts and projects and/or assist in making final decisions relating to the wedding. The bride and groom are depending on you to lend a helping hand wherever you can.

2. You’ll likely be asked to wear certain attire for the big day. Whether it is a dress, lengha, tuxedo or sherwani, wearing matching attire symbolizes your importance in the couples’ special day. Be accepting of their desired attire and show your understanding.

3. From the beginning of the planning to after the big day, the couple will be going through a ton of emotion. As the bridal party, it is your duty to be their support system through the disagreements and encourage cooperation. Remind them of their love when things become overwhelming.

4. The day of the wedding will be quite stressful for the couple. The bridal party will assist in getting the bride and groom ready on the morning of the wedding day. Make them feel comfortable and at ease, and get them excited for the hours ahead!

5. The bridal party will most likely be a part of formal photos. On the wedding day, stay alert and near the bride and groom for when your name is called for photos. Always be ready to smile!

Don’t be afraid! Being a part of a bridal party is one of the most exciting memories you’ll have. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming so believe me when I say the bride and groom are so appreciative of your support! Now, it’s time for you to be the best bridal party ever!

Stay dashing!


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