The Harsh Truth

The harsh truth – you’re not going to please everyone with your wedding choices. Planning a wedding involves many different groups of people; parents, siblings, friends, nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts just to name a few. Not only are there many people involved in the wedding, but there are many decisions to be made such as budget, colors, theme, catering etc. Things can get carried away when you let others heavily influence the decision-making process. Now by no means ignore what your family and friends have to say. It’s important to maintain happy and healthy relationships with these individuals as I’m sure many of them play a major role in your life. Instead, there are ways to manage the feelings and expectations of others, while keeping in mind your overall vision for your wedding.

One way is to always think about the bigger picture. Instead of focusing on individual decisions that will affect certain people, think about the overall feeling you want to have on your big day. Remember that you’re bringing two families together in harmony. Another great way is to divide and delegate tasks. If your sister is very passionate about the color theme, take her to a design consult with you. Making your family and friends a part of the process doesn’t necessarily mean it’s their final decision. It’s a great way to include important individuals in the planning process, while the ultimate decision is still yours.

A wedding is a celebration of two people becoming one. Don’t dwell on the little nits and grits. Have fun throughout the planning process because you’ll miss it when it’s all over!

Stay Dashing!


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