The Importance of Hiring a Day-of Coordinator

We overhear on a frequent occasion from couples “Do we really need a day-of coordinator” or “I’m sure we can handle it ourselves.” But the real question is, do you really want to take on the stress of “handling it” on a day where you should be completely relaxed and enjoying the moment?

In a previous post I share the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator. In a nutshell, a Wedding Coordinator usually begins their services a few weeks to a month prior to the wedding date and manages the entire day. Managing the day includes coordinating logistics, enforcing timelines, ensuring plans are running smoothly and overseeing the set up of ceremony and reception venues. The best part of a Day-of Coordinator is having the peace of mind that a professional is managing the details of your wedding and ensuring that your vision comes to life, while you can openly laugh, smile and live in the moment.

You’ll spend months planning your wedding from the small details of how the décor will look, to choosing the right invitations, discussing lighting options, and designing the vinyl for your dance floor. We know you’ll put in countless hours of planning and will have many sleepless nights. Wedding planning is no easy task and we know that. Now imagine having to worry about all these details while you’re getting married – it just doesn’t sound fun!

A Day-of Coordinator worries for you. As industry professionals, Wedding Coordinators are there to smoothly execute your special day. We take the stress right off your shoulders by taking care of things you or your family would be managing. Your family and friends deserve to enjoy your wedding just as much as you do. By hiring a Day-of Coordinator, you not only take the stress off yourself but also off your family.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the most dashing day of your life by hiring a Day-of Coordinator!

Stay dashing!


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